BCaBA/BCBA - Clinical Supervisor Position with Relocation Bonus

Paragon Autism Services, LLC
Fredericksburg, VA

BCBA/BCaBA Full-Time Salaried Opportunity in Fredericksburg or Woodbridge, VA

Competitive Full-Time SALARIED Position and $3,000 Bonus

Why should YOU work for Paragon Autism Services?  Because WE ARE DIFFERENT!  Below are 10 things that set us apart:

1. Paragon Autism Services has been voted the BEST SPECIAL NEEDS RESOURCE 2 years in a row by local families. Do you want to work for the BEST?

2. ALL OF OUR STAFF ARE SALARIED, even our behavior techs.  This means lower turnover and more consistency for our families. 

3. All of our staff have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and many have a master’s degrees.  This is their career – not just a job.  They are invested and we are INVESTED IN OUR STAFF!

4. We have 8 full time BCBAs and 5 full time BCaBA’s who all work together.  We have a COLLABORATIVE WORK ENVIRONMENT– which means we are all learning and growing every day. 

5. Paragon GIVES BACK TO THE COMMUNITY – it’s part of our mission and it’s a big part of who we are.  Paragon hosts multiple free events for families every month.  In addition, we provide free resources and training for the community.  In fact, we have provided training to 200 local preschool teachers over the past 2 years. 

6. Our caseloads are small to ensure that each client gets the attention they need.  We are able to spend time each week analyzing every clients’ data, making sure that we are maximizing progress.  Our Clinical Supervisors have an AVERAGE OF 10 CLIENTS on their caseload.

7. We provide PERSONALIZED FAMILY TRAINING on a weekly basis. We believe that family involvement and consistency across environments is essential.  It’s a core value of ours and each team has a staff member whose full-time job is family training. 

8. Our BCBA’s and BCaBA’s supervise 4 staff.  This ensures that each and every case, as well as each and every behavior tech, gets the oversight and training they need and deserve.  We are able to MENTOR STAFF and help grow them into new BCBAs and BCaBA’s. 

9. All of our staff receive comprehensive ON-SITE, IN PERSON, DATA DRIVEN TRAINING from a BCBA and/or BCaBA.  Paragon utilizes Behavior Skills Training to teach our staff and progress is tracked by data.  Training is ongoing throughout employment, but our techs receive 80 hours of training before they meet their first client.  Our Clinical Supervisors receive much more than 80 hours of initial training!

10. Paragon provides LEADERSHIP OPPORTUNITIES FOR BCaBA’s AS WELL AS BCBAs.  In addition, we provide opportunities for advancement.  As we grow our team members grow! 


●       Competitive Full-time Salary Position

●       $3,000 bonus paid at the beginning of employment

●       Paid holidays and vacation

●       Professional Liability Insurance

●       Medical Benefits

●       Workers Compensation Insurance

●       Monthly Cell Phone Stipend

●       Career Path

●       Culture of Promoting from within

●       Up to $3,500 Tuition/CEU assistance after one year

To apply for this position, send a cover letter and resume to dorothy@paragonautismservices.com

For more information about Paragon visit our website – www.paragonautismservices.com